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Chalets 70m for sale in Telal Ain Sokhna

Reference: NS 23983
EGP 2,870,000
MLS Realty
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EGP 2,870,000

Chalets 70m for sale in Telal Ain Sokhna

NS 23983
EGP 2,870,000 Installment
Price / Sqm:
EGP 41,000 Per Sqm
Finishing Status:
Super Lux
70 sqm
Delivery In:
Sun 19 Mar 2023
About Telal Ain Sokhna

Chalet for Sale in Telal - Ain Sokhna By Rooya Group - Delivery Year 2026

As a lawyer, my area of expertise is primarily in the field of law. However, I can provide information on Telal Ain Sokhna, Egypt from a legal perspective.

Telal Ain Sokhna is a luxurious beachfront development located in Ain Sokhna, Egypt. It is a prime destination for family vacations, relaxing weekend getaways, and even retirement. Telal Ain Sokhna is situated on the Red Sea Coast and offers breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding mountains.

From a legal perspective, Telal Ain Sokhna is regulated by Egypt's real estate laws. These laws govern the purchase, sale, and leasing of property in Egypt. Anyone considering purchasing property in Telal Ain Sokhna should be aware of these laws and ensure that their rights are protected.

One of the key legal considerations when purchasing property in Telal Ain Sokhna is the need for a property title certificate. This certificate is issued by the government and confirms ownership and legal title to the property. It is important to ensure that the property being purchased has a valid title certificate in order to avoid any legal issues in the future.

Another legal consideration when purchasing property in Telal Ain Sokhna is the need to pay registration fees and taxes. These fees are paid at the time of purchase and are necessary to ensure that the transfer of ownership is legally recognized.

In addition, property owners in Telal Ain Sokhna must also comply with local building regulations and bylaws. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines and legal action against the owner.

In conclusion, Telal Ain Sokhna is a beautiful and luxurious place to own property. However, it is important to consider the legal implications of purchasing property in this area. Obtaining a property title certificate, paying registration fees and taxes, and complying with building regulations are all important considerations when buying property in Telal Ain Sokhna. As a lawyer, I would highly recommend seeking legal advice before making any property purchase in Egypt.


MLS Realty

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